Criminology (Post 16)

Curriculum Intent

Criminology is offered at the Victory Academy at Level 3 and is part of our broad KS5 curriculum.   Our intent is also to explore and engage with different areas within criminology, that takes the students beyond their existing knowledge of what is a crime and the different types of crime in the UK.  

The intent of the criminology curriculum is to equip students with an array of critical skills and an analytical frame of mind. This course gives our students a good basis of knowledge and understanding of Criminology for progression opportunities to further academic study.   Whatever next steps our students take the ‘transferable skills’ that students are able to use flexibly to best effect.

Curriculum Structure (Overview)

This course has 4 units, 2 are controlled assessment and 2 are external exams. This allows our students to be able to assess themselves actively and accurately, and be self-motived learners, to enable them to shape their own success.  The course requires the students to have contact with a range of external professionals which support our curriculum.  Students are given the opportunity to consider a vast range of careers within the field of criminology and this supports the schools desire to increase the life chances of our students.

Year 12
In Year 12 we look at the research behind criminology and what makes someone a criminal, both from a sociological and psychological perspective.


Unit 1 covers the changing awareness of crime in our society, looking at case studies and recent crimes. It looks at medic campaigns which have influenced changes in the law.  This is assessed by controlled assessment

Unit 2 looks at criminological theories of criminality and its causes and the influence on policy change and why some changes were necessary.  This unit is assessed by an external exam

Year 13
In year 13, we look at how criminal justice is carried out in the UK.


Unit 3 covers the investigative processes and practices of personnel involved in criminal investigations.  This unit looks at case studies to assess the effective of the investigative processes. This is assessed by controlled assessment

Into 4 covers the criminal justice system in England and Wales.  It looks at how laws are made, the role of punishment in the criminal justice system and the role laws play in social control.  This unit is assessed by an external exam


Police Officers


Scene of crime officers




Court personnel

Probation services


National Crime Agency


Youth court

Prison service

Youth workers

Government officers


Civil service

Social services

Border control




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