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Aspire, Endeavour, Achieve

At The Victory Academy, we are committed to transforming the life chances of our students, ensuring that all are supported and encouraged to have high aspirations and achieve their personal best. We consider ourselves to be highly inclusive, and welcome students of all backgrounds and beliefs.

We have high expectations of how our students behave, speak and present themselves, both in the academy and in the local community. Our expectations are underpinned by our Victory Values of respect, pride and belief, and our Victory Virtues derived from Costa and Kallick’s Habits of Mind

Respect for ourselves and our community

Our Sixth Form students are role models for the younger students within the school; we have high expectations of how our Sixth Form students behave, speak and present themselves, both in the Academy and the local community. Our expectations are underpinned by our Victory Values of respect, pride and belief, and our Victory Virtues derived from Costa and Kallick’s Habits of Mind.

We consider ourselves to be highly inclusive and welcome students of all backgrounds and beliefs. Our ethos is one of care and compassion, enabling our students to grow in a supportive atmosphere conducive to their development. Where students need additional support, we will look to meet their needs through our well-resourced Sixth Form team.

How to Apply

In Year Casual Admissions

All in year admissions enquiries should be addressed to the Academy. If you wish to apply for a place within the Academy, an application form is available via the downloads below, or from the main reception of the Academy. These forms once completed can either be sent via Royal Mail, scanned and sent electronically to or delivered in person to the main reception, which is manned from 8am to 4.30pm during term time, from 8am to 4pm during school holidays.

TSAT In Year Admission Application Form

September 2023/24 Admissions 

Please click here to accept or decline the offer of a place for Year 7 September 2023.

September 2024/25 Admissions 

Applications are invited for Admission into Year 7 at the Academy in September each year.

As a parent, one of the most important decisions you will make will be which secondary school your child will attend. Your child’s secondary education will provide the foundation for their future as adults. They will acquire the skills and knowledge and qualifications they will need to progress onto further education and fulfilling, rewarding careers.

The Victory Academy is a mixed Comprehensive School for 11-19 year old students of all ability ranges, where everyone works and learns within its caring and supportive values.

September 2025/26 Admissions 

We are consulting in relation to The Victory Academy's proposed admissions arrangements for September 2025. If you have any comments on the proposed arrangements, please email the office at with the subject line "Admissions Consultation 2025". The proposed amendments is the removal of the Fair Banding test. This is a six week consultation, therefore responses must be received by 12th January 2024.


Fair Banding

At Victory Academy we operate a 'Fair Banding' admissions process to ensure we have a balanced proportion of students from across the whole ability range - a comprehensive intake. Students who wish to apply for a place at Victory Academy must take a Fair Banding test to be considered for admission to the Academy and this will be required if their parents/carers intend to put Victory Academy on the common admissions form. This test is usually a cognitive ability test(s) – it is not a pass or fail test. Students are asked to take it and their scores on the test are then used to place them in an ability band. Students taking the test are placed in one of five ability bands representative of the national ability range. Please see the table below for information regarding the number of student places in each ability band.

These banding arrangements are an effective practice in schools providing fair oversubscription criteria, provided arrangements are fair, objective and not used as a means of unlawfully admitting a disproportionate number of high ability children.

If places in a band are not filled or become vacant, for example, because parents/carers accept offers of places at other schools, and no applicants in those bands remain without a place, they must be evenly filled by children falling into the next nearest bands (i.e. the bands on either side, or below or above, if the first child is from the band above then the next must be from the one below). This allocation is carried out randomly by the Local Authority


 Band 1Band 2Band 3Band 4Band 5Total
% of students in each ability band10%20%40%20%10%100%
Proposed number of student places available in each ability band on PAN of 2102142844221210


Banding Children in Care or Children with an Educational Health Care Plan (EHCP) or Children with a Statement of Special Educational Needs

Children in Care, with an EHCP or with a Statement of Special Educational Needs, who apply in the normal admissions round, will be included in any banding arrangements and given top priority within each band. All children whose statement of Special Educational Needs (SEN) or Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP) names the school must be admitted. The Academy is committed to ensuring that all SEND students have access to the same opportunities as other students. The Academy has facilities for students with disabilities including lift access, accessible bathroom facilities in all of the Academy blocks. All students are encouraged to take full part in the everyday activities of the Academy. The SENCo will put in place additional support if required to enable every student to have the opportunity to take advantage of outside visits and field trips. Timetable and any other reasonable adjustments can be arranged if necessary to ensure full access to the curriculum

Fair Banding Dates

Registration for the 2023 Fair Banding tests has now passed, however you are still able to apply for The Victory Academy by adding the school as one of your preferences. Should you have any questions please email Miss Reeve at 


Admission Enquiries

  • Please note that if you are waiting on an outcome from a school admission enquiry, we have 15 school days to process these and you will receive a call in due course.  Any enquiries submitted in term 6 will have therefore been suspended over the summer break. 
  • If you would like to find out which Medway schools have places, please contact Medway Council by email at or on 01634 331 110.
  • All Year 7 admissions enquiries are managed via Medway Council currently.  The Local Authority will be handling Year 7 enquiries up to 31 December.  Please contact them by email at or on 01634 331 110.  From 2 January, Year 7 enquiries will be managed by us as a school.
  • Please contact for all other enquiries. 



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