Curriculum Intent

The Victory Academy Science Department understands that science plays a big part in the world around us. Our curriculum helps students understand the world around them so they are able to make better informed decisions about their health, diet, exercise, use of energy and the care and enjoyment of the natural and physical environment around them. This allows students to build confidence in their own abilities from early on in their secondary school experience.

Current global issues such as climate change, and the impact of human population growth on the environment have created a need for pupils to have a basic scientific understanding of these ideas. Our curriculum aims to develop students reasoning skills and their ability to argue both for and against these key global issues, regardless of their own personal viewpoint.

We teach the ‘Big Ideas’ of science so students can use this knowledge to inform them and build their application skills. Our curriculum is designed with our students in mind, allowing opportunities to develop both scientific knowledge and scientific skills. We ensure that numeracy and literacy is at the heart of what we teach, so students can have solid groundings on which to build upon.

We constantly look for opportunities to develop our students’ cultural capital. Our well rounded curriculum embeds key opportunities and these are shared with students. This allows students to become independent thinkers and in turn enables students to look out for opportunities that will support their science learning.

We value STEM and build in opportunities into our teaching for students to experience this in the science classroom. STEM Careers and opportunities are embedded into our lessons and signposted for students to show them what is possible within a STEM career.

We aim to equip all pupils with the tools to give them choices to continue their study of science at both post 16 level and beyond.